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Tajne 27 epizoda


Ljut zbog Filipovog otkaza, Miro odluči povući alibi koji je dao Ivanu za Julijino ubojstvo. Brigita odlazi u krčmu primiriti šokirane Petriće kako im ne bi propao posao sa zemljom. Izbezumljeni Ivan izgubi kontrolu u razgovoru oko medaljona, što izazove dodatnu sumnju kod Novosela. Kako bi ispravio stvar, Ivan zatraži Načelnika da Novosela makne s istrage. Istovremeno, Brigita je sve uvjerenija da Ivan ima ljubavnicu, a nakon što ugleda Ivana i Nenu u bliskom dodiru, odlučuje staviti Nenu na test – vraća joj naušnicu kako bi provjerila je li ona Ivanova ljubavnica.

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Zora Dubrovacka epizoda 31 / Zora Dubrovačka 31 epizoda

Zora dubrovačka (Foto: Dnevnik.hr)

Boris je donio onesviještenu Juditu u Vilu Menčetić. Maris i Dživo su u šoku. Judita dolazi k sebi i optužuje oca pred svima da joj je spletkama upropastio vjenčanje, nakon čega izbija velika svađa između Maris i Dživa. Judita je očajna jer se boji da Maro misli da ga je ostavila pred oltarom te inzistira da Dživo ode po njega. Dok se Knegovi svađaju, nesretni Maro odlučuje odmah otići na ratište. Miho šalje njega i Šiška na Srđ s pošiljkom hrane za borce. Kada Dživo konačno stigne u konobu po Mara, prekasno je – Maro je već otišao na front, ne znajući zašto Judita nije došla na vjenčanje. Judita to ne može oprostiti ocu i prijeti da će zauvijek otići iz vile Menčetić. Maris to gurne preko ruba i u strahovitoj svađi izbacuje Dživa iz kuće. Filip i Deša, umjesto na vjenčanju, provode ugodan dan u konobi i dodatno se zbliže. Za to vrijeme, Anica u bolnici zanemari pacijente i Šimićevo stanje se pogorša. Filip spašava Šimića i ne oda Anicu Deši. Aničin odnos prema Filipu se mijenja. Ona ga počinje istinski cijeniti. Pijan i izbačen iz kuće, Dživo odlazi Deši, uvjeren da će ga ona oduševljeno primiti. Laže joj da je konačno ostavio Maris, ali, na njegovo veliko iznenađenje, i Deša ga izbacuje iz kuće.

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Zora Dubrovačka / Epizoda 30


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Legends of Dawn-SKiDROW

Description: Fresh out of the lair of Dreamatrix Game Studios, Legends of Dawn invites players to the brutal northerly reaches of Narr. Survival depends on you, your magic and your sword . What sets Legends of Dawn apart, is the freedom of play expressed in several key attributes that are rarely seen in typical RPG genres. We have poured our passion and creativity into taking you on an enthralling ride away from wearisome reality, by providing you with the choice to be whatever your heart desires, in Legends of Dawn.
  • Choose among 3 different races – Human, Elf and Danian and 2 genders – male or female
  • Explore hundreds of unique locations (dungeons, forts, camps, cemeteries, docks, mountains, canyons, flying islands, swamps, temples, shrines etc.)
  • Fight your way through more than 20 dungeons, caves, crypts, mausoleums and catacombs and rest in 3 cities – Human, Elven and Danian
  • 150+ types of wild creatures and monsters that drop several loots so you stand a good chance of getting multiple valuable items
  • Adaptable creature AI: depending whether it is day or night, creatures spawn and act differently. Weather conditions also influence a monster’s behavior
  • Players are free to move in this nonlinear world, in any direction they choose. As long as they have the necessary items or skills to survive in the field
  • Combat and magic: A combination of Knight and Mage will work together without class restrictions and players have a wide choice of weapons or spells, they are able to use in combat
  • Discover different ways to use and combine more than 35 combat, creature lore, crafting, gathering, resistance and devotion skills
  • A complex crafting system with over 25.000 usable items, allows you to make everything from food, metal, wood, stone, leather to weapons and fashion armors
  • Unlocking System with Runes: using specific runes players can interactively unlock and activate locked chests or crates and other mechanisms in the game
  • System of sacrifices: The 3 gods; Perun, Veles and Svarog each have their own shrines throughout the continent. Activating a shrine opens the sacrifice panel with options to sacrifice items and gain divine favours
  • Streaming technology enables playing without any loading screens. All data seamlessly loads in background.
Developer: DreaMatrix
Publisher: DreaMatrix
Genre: RPG, Indie
Release name: Legends.of.Dawn-SKiDROW
Size: 7.36GB
LinksHomepage – NFO – NTi – TPB
DownloadUPLOADED.net(1GB Splits)

Tankyas Adventures The Curse of Zoltar-DEFA

Tankya’s Adventure: The Curse of Zoltar Is a cartoon adventure indie game, featuring elements of platform games and shooters. A colourful and exciting journey where players pit steel fists against dark voodoo magic across beautiful landscapes in order to save the island.
Play as Tankya, a young pirate girl who has been born with a unique gift; the ability to talk to Steel. She can only talk to steel, as Gold is too snobby and Iron is too boring. Tankya lives on a tropical paradise, enjoying her days in lazy bliss.
However, little does she know – deep in the jungle, from the great monkey temple of Ouzumarogaza, a dark magic is growing that threatens to change everything.
As mind controlled monkeys begin to invade the island, Tankya realises the only way to release the monkeys from their spell is to knock them out! So, using her steel powers must reach the monkey temple and get to the bottom of this. Solving puzzles, Passing obstacles and Knocking out armies of monkeys armed with apples, spears, swords and chilli sauce bottles.
Ever miss Old School adventure games like The Legend of Zelda, Crash Bandicoot, etc.. Tankya’s Adventure: The Curse of Zoltar is a revival of the classic video game style featuring all those awesome things we all miss – Coins, Combos, Boss Battles, High Scores, Stylised Environments and the occasional bit of toilet humour, with the addition upgrades, customisable moves and of course it’s own very unique storyline and feel.
  • Explore 5 beautiful levels
  • Defeat powerful and dynamic bosses
  • Use your steel powers to form fists, shields, cannon balls, and many more
  • Solve puzzles
  • Personalise your game experience
  • Old School Adventure game style
  • Discover secrets
  • Unique story with interesting characters
  • Custom soundtrack
  • Top your high score with points, highest combos and monkeys freed
  • Vivid Low poly cartoon style with hand-painted textures
Publisher: YoShellShell!
Developer: YoShellShell!
Genre: Indie, Adventure
Release name: Tankyas.Adventures.The.Curse.of.Zoltar-DEFA
Size: 397MB in 30F
LinksHomepage - Desura – NFO
DownloadNTi – TPB – UPLOADED.net

Jack Keane 2 The Fire Within-FLT

Jack Keane is back! And his newest adventure is even more fast-paced than ever before!
Several years after his last adventure with Dr. T, the hapless but incorrigible hero, Jack Keane returns to experience the greatest adventure of his life alongside the beautiful Amanda. However he soon realises once again that nothing goes quite as smoothly as Jack had imagined.
Shanghai, 1899 -The mysterious Chinese city is the epicentre for adventurers of all kinds. Jack Keane, too, has been attracted to the place by rumours of a legendary treasure – or to be more precise, these tales have led him right inside the walls of the notorious Shanghai prison. It is within these walls that the guardian of the treasure, a secretive shaman, has been locked up for years. Unfortunately for our hero, Jack has completely disregarded the fact that it is a lot easier to get INTO prison than out of it…
And this is only the beginning of Jack Keane’s newest bizarre adventure: mysterious treasures, ruthless villains, two distractingly beautiful women and tons of clever humour await the most lovable treasure hunter to have ever sailed the seven seas in a comical tour de force around the globe. During his travels, Jack will not only meet old friends, but also encounter new faces such as the elegant city-lady Eve and the brilliant German engineer Carl.
Jack Keane 2 – The Fire Within is set to revolutionise the classic point & click adventure genre. Never has an adventure been as cinematic, fast-paced and humorous, without breaking any of the iconic point & click gameplay rules.
State of the art 3D-graphics, gripping action-sequences and the typical bizarre Jack Keanesque humour will be an absolute delight to all adventure fans.
  • Control your characters directly with WASD, or switch to the classic Point & Click-Style
  • Experience the kind of love triangle we all know from everyday life movies
  • Explore your own mind (literally), chase zeppelins by car, and learn a wide array of fight-stances to counter your opponents’ frantic moves
  • Created by the developers of adventure hits such as Ankh, Jack Keane and Black Sails
  • State of the art 3D-graphics based on Deck 13’s revolutionary FLEDGE engine
  • The mix of fast-paced action sequences and iconic point & click-gameplay makes Jack Keane 2 – The Fire Within a truly 21st Century adventure
Publisher: Nordic Games
Developer: Deck 13
Genre: Adventure
Release name: Jack_Keane_2_The_Fire_Within-FLT
Size: 397MB in 30F
LinksHomepage - Steam – Gamespot – NFO
DownloadNTi – TPB – UPLOADED.net

Toxic Bunny HD-DEFA

Description: A caffeine fueled, pun infested, hamster launching retro platform romp through pop culture. Semi Visible Chickens. Hamster launchers. triple strength espresso, Armoured sentient mucus. Just another day for Toxic Bunny. Toxic Bunny is what would happen if the Looney Toons & Monty Python were heavily armed and thrown into a blender with the best (and worst) movies of the 90′s and turned the results into a retro platform game. Find out what happens when an almost normal rabbit gets into a really bad mood. Follow Toxic as he tries to find the person responsible for interrupting his coffee break, brainwashing all his friends and covering the planet with decaffeinated goo. Just some of the things you’ll get up to: Show general disregard for public safety by firing the NITRIC HAMSTER LAUNCHER (the only known weapon to guarantee a fatality). Giggle evilly as you squish aliens with rusty nautical equipment. Break expensive machinery, dismantle robots and play with radioactive adhesive.
Toxic Bunny is what would happen if the Looney Toons & Monty Python were heavily armed and thrown into a blender with the best (and worst) movies of the 90′s and turned the results into a retro platform game.
Semi Visible Chickens. Hamster launchers. triple strength espresso, Armoured sentient mucus. Just a day in the office for Toxic Bunny.
Genre: Action
Publisher: Vision Software
Developer: Celestial Games
Release Name: Toxic.Bunny.HD-DEFA
Size: 1.13 GB
Links: Homepage – Gamespot – NFO – NTi – TPB
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